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    Gents,I kinly ask to revize my Refference letter

    To Whom It May Concern:
    As a Site Manager of xxx Company, I am pleasured to recommend to you my teamwork member N.
    N. worked in xxx Company from January 2008 until August 2010 as a Fiscal Metering Engineer.
    It is well known, that Fiscal Metering System is higly acountable and extremally exacting facility in any Oil and Gas Producing Plant.
    As engineer of FMS N. has perfectly managed with his professional duties and really was a proven expert within this field. His quilified and safely work was one of the major factor in reliable operation and no-failure provision of export transfer the plant produced condensate and gas to customer.
    During the course of his emloyment, N.was responsible for FMS operational support, maitenance service and metrological provision several Gas and Condensate Fiscal Metering Units and associated Control Systems, such as Invensys and Emerson and network interface support to Honeywell DCS.

    The following is a overview of his regular duties on the project:
    Continuous monitoring of FMS integrity, including OMNI and Daniel flow computers, HMI PC, Supervisory Computers and relevant control networks, resolving measurement issues, emergency corrective maintenance, software backup and restoring, periodical calibration, re-certification and metrological verification of metering equipment, training of operating personnel, instruction and procedures issue, work activity planning and resource management by Maximo CMMS computerized system, regular progressive report to plant management authorities, communication with control system manufacturer and external official representatives.

    At all time we have worked jointly N.demonstrated excelent knowledge an facilities engineering, measurement technologies and control system conception. He is conversant with computer and microcontroller technics and various industrial application software.

    I would like to mark his high motivation in improvement of skills and qualification. I was impressed with his attitude to study and research new practices and his trend to success complete every new task.
    His competence and analytical skills enable him to manage complex situation, to react promptly in determination of potential problems and to resolve it efficiently.

    N. did an excellent job in this position and was an valuable asset to our company during all period of work.
    I can give N. the highest possible recommendation to any future employer.
    If you have any further question on regarding Irek xxxxx ability or this recommendation letter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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    Re: Gents,I kinly ask to revize my Refference letter

    I think you meant

    "I kindly ask you to revise my reference letter"

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    Re: Gents,I kinly ask to revize my Refference letter

    I hope you kindly forgave my error So now could you SO KIND to review my reference letter and comment its correctness.

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