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    last class ideas- my boss is observing and this is challenge because..

    i teach business english to a class of two 30-something works in HR and the other one works for a different company and does a lot of work with writing press releases and at the moment is trying to organize a new team for his department.

    our last class is coming up..its a 3 hour class. and here is my problem- my boss is coming in to observe me teach...but its the last class, we've already finished the book, they will have already taken the test, and i definitely don't think they are going to be in the mood to do any more book work.

    we are also not allowed to leave the office. so no cool field trips or anything like that. how in the world do i have semi-work related activities fun enough to keep 2 young guys entertained and active for 3 hours?

    im trying to come up with a list of things now. games usually work in my other classes..but this is only 2 guys..its gonna be a bigger challenge to keep them involved and interested. and i still feel really insecure and nervous because my boss will be there. ughhh. someone please give me some advice or suggestions! thank you so much.

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    Re: last class ideas- my boss is observing and this is challenge because..

    Does your boss have any teaching background? I ask this because it is a very strange time to do an observation. Also, will he or she be there for the whole three hours?

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