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    Hi teachers,

    I was reading a grammar book yesterday and it says that one uses plural for nouns following no/zero. For example,

    I have no/zero chairs.
    I have no/zero computers at home.
    I have no/zero cars. ("I have no car." sounds more natural to me)

    Up to this minute,I'm still in doubt about using plural after no/zero. I thought one should use plural only when the countable object has more than one. Maybe I've been wrong for so long that I don't even realize.

    Please help!

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    Re: no/zero

    No + plural noun expresses, none of that kind, so a plural noun is required. Mind you, if you're referring to a single item of your own, say, your car, chair, spoon, etc, speakers might use,

    I have no car (of my own).
    I have no chair (of my own to sit in for the meeting).
    I have no spoon (of my own to eat with. I'll have to use a fork)

    "have no" + singular noun is not Standard usage, but it's heard and used by native speakers. Standard usage is, "I don't have a car, a spoon, a chair."

    Exceptions: I have no idea, I have no clue.


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