Hello guys,I want to apply for Swiss Government Scholarship for MS in Management,so here is my PS,feel free to write any thoughts,opinions,visions,corrections and etc are welcomed!

Personal Statement

To me being an ordinary employee is not the way I see myself. I believe I can get my hands fully into the projects and have a major influence on how they are implemented. Although I have a short but rewarding and beneficial period of work experience, from the beginning I had my mind set to reach higher positions within industry and to be able to pursue this dream. I am applying for Government Scholarship to the MSc Management course in the University of Geneva, so please accept this letter as an expression of my interest in that course.
My life experience taught me that I have an ability to analyze problems and solve them, two of the most important skills every successful person must possess. With the Management Degree, I will have the tools I need to enhance natural instincts and reach the goals I set out for myself.
When I began my undergraduate career, I knew that my interest in management would burgeon into a passion for it. After earning a major in Financial Management, I decided, that I want to boost my management knowledge and skills into a new level. My interest in this field of study began to rise and every time I have an opportunity to attend to some conference or training I do it immediately, my favorite at this time is ''Time Management'' and ''Staff Management''.
At high school and at my university , I was an extremely enthusiastic learner, and I attained high grades through my hard work. As I learned fields such as finance, marketing, IT, social studies,basics of management,philosophy and many others, it will be beneficial for me to understand the inner workings of the business world. My part time work as a Auto Credit Expert also gave me the confidence to communicate well with people from all walks of life and has improved my social and interpersonal relationship skills with other staff members and public, more than that it has taught me about time management in the workplace. I feel my proven record of good time keeping, hard work and regular attendance would enable me to benefit from a place at university.
Furthermore,I have participated in extra curricular activities, while obtaining my Bachelor's Degree in Financial Management, that taught me invaluable skills that I can apply to my studies and to a career in management. I belonged to my university's French club,for whom we organized social events, like ''French week in Krasnodar'', I had to organize accommodation and travel around the city and I arranged meetings with all the students to brief them. Also working on my friend's web project related to different kind of trainings and courses offered to people all over the world , such as psychological courses, personal growth trainings, language courses etc., boost my confidence to get degree in Management.
Throughout my education I contributed in many events such as induction days, sporting event supervision and attending yoga and badminton clubs over several years. This educated me as to the necessity of tire management and interpersonal skills, and served as an opportunity to make decisions based on the opinions and needs of a large group of students and teachers.Also I took part in student conferences related to economic situation in my region and Russian-American Economical Relations and then I wrote paperwork called ''Self-Marketing for young specialist'' and it's importance for young, graduated students. I won several students English language contest within my university and I got certificate of participation in Russian language student's contest.
When I am outside the university, I enjoy taking part in activities within different communities. I love Russian, French and English classic literature and among with it I have a passion for modern psychology books. Taking care of my animals is also the thing, that I'd love to do in my free time. While traveling in the USA , I was involved in organizing a fund raising campaign. We managed to raise 4000$ for new sports equipment and extra facilities for Brooklyn Hebrew School. Also I was canvassing for current Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg, so I have a huge experience communicating with people from different background. I learned what true leadership is and this experience will help me in the future student life.
My ambition now is complete a management degree in University of Geneva in order to further strengthen my understanding of management. I chose this as an additional degree, which gave me the opportunity to learn and test all aspects of Management so I knew what I wanted to specialize in.
In my life I have given myself certain goals and targets, some relating to my personal life and some to my life in the business world, which I will do my best to complete. One such goal is to manage people effectively and efficiently. I believe that in any line of work, the key to a business is how well that business is managed from a personal development perspective. I feel that a masters course will help me attain this knowledge and provide me with the essentials of being a successful manager on the various engagements I encounter throughout my career. Finally, I chose Switzerland as the country to study because it can offer many useful things, like team work with people with different nationalities, it enable students to share interests and thoughts. Studying in Switzerland because of its high standards and quality would definitely benefit me.
My decision to study in Switzerland has taken a lot of research and thought over the past two years. After talking to several people employed in this field of work and researching what the course entails and with the rewards it holds, it was obvious that this kind of work, that I wanted to do and so I have applied to take a degree at university to provide me with the qualifications and experience I need to follow my chosen career path. Give me a chance to complete this. I promise I definitely will not let you down.