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    Smile expect/become/ask of

    I have a feel that these ofs have the same sense, but I can't express it in words.

    1. What do you expect of me in job?
    2. What has become of him?
    3. I have a favour to ask of you and your sister.

    Could you tell me the exact meaning of it?
    Thank you.
    Happy Ramadan.

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    Re: expect/become/ask of

    I hope this helps. The way I explain these verb/preposition combinations is as follows:

    "Expect" and "Ask" infer that the thing expected or asked for comes "out of" as in a source. These two I believe are similar in intent. The "of" in these instances is the "of" of origination.

    "Become" is different. What has "become of" someone infers the idea of result. In this way it cannot be the "of" of origination.

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