Hi! In English I had to write a paragraph about why it is important to learn about history! Please, someone, anyone, edit it for me! If you do I'll be your best friend! I'm a freshman in high school, if that helps! Thank you so much!

The French poet and politician, Lamartine, once said “History teaches everything including the future.” It is this quote that makes me question why my most renounced memories of history include me groaning with my head in my hands wondering when lunch will be. Now, I know what I did not know then. I am educated in the fact that without history the world around me would not be what it is today. This is because, first of all, that by being knowledgeable in history we prevent history from repeating itself. For instance, after 9/11 airports and national security became stronger than ever and we have stopped many potential threats against the US since that tragic event. Additionally, history is an important matter of study because it gives us ideas for the future. For example, we owe the ancient Romans for representative government that we still use to this day. Moreover, history helps us with solving problems that come up in modern times. In other words, when history does repeat itself we know what works and doesn’t work from past experiences. Such as with our current recession, we seek probable solutions and ideas from our past depression. In a word, history is important to the future because every day there is more history and we are a step closer to the future.

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