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    how to get TEFL job in the UK

    A bit of a long shot, but here goes, in the hope that someone in the teaching profession will be able to assist.

    A Lithuanian friend of mine is qualified to teach English as a foreign language.She obtained her teaching qualifications a few years ago in Lithuania.I have assisted her to get the UK equivalent UK - QTS - from General Teaching Council.Despite many attempts, and many CVs send she has been unable to secure either a full or part time job after two years.She did get one part time job of an hour or so but it was only for a period of seven weeks.

    As my knowledge of the teaching profession and its bureaucracy is very limited, how can she progress? The following questions come to mind and if anyone in this area of expertise would care to offer advice it would be appreciated:

    1- Is there a "real " mutual recognition of a fellow EU's state's qualification in the UK or is it lip service by the GTC?

    2- Does she have to do the qualification again - surely a "top up" if that, would be sufficient?

    3- Is she going the right way in trying to secure a job by sending CVs to schools,reading the Times and Guardian for ads for jobs?

    4- Are there specific teaching agencies she could register for such jobs?

    5- Any other opportunities for TEFL or should she consider going back to college to study full time for a wider teaching qualification as an English teacher.She has mentioned this as a possible course of action but in her circumstances it seems to be cost - prohibitive.

    Any comments and advice greatly appreciated.

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    Re: how to get TEFL job in the UK

    QTS does work, but in the area of TEFL, given that there is a glut of qualified native speakers, I think that she is going to find it pretty hard to get a position. Outside the state system, there are the private EFL schools, but the pay and conditions tend to be dreadful in the UK.

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