Please, could you proofread my text:

When I was a little boy I used to watch a TV programme for children, called "The Little World". It was very interesting and educational, because the reporter visited dozens of different countries all around of world, and was telling the young audience the most important facts about every country, visiting their cities and walking through the landscapes.

One day he visited Nordic countries: Norway, Finland and Sweden. It was winter and everything was in two colours: white and grey. He said that winters here were harsh and summers short and people usually kept themselves to themselves and was not talkative as we were. He even went inside the football stadium which was also covered in a thick snow and said that the audience behaved like in a theatre: they were silent and almost indifferent to what had been happening down on the pitch.

That was at the beginning of the seventies and I thought, what a terrible place to live! I sat in my little cosy room and felt fear. I did not help me to hear that all these countries had one of the highest standards in the world, that there were a plenty of opportunities for everyone and that they did not have war for hundreds of years. Something inside me told me that I would suffer there and die of sadness.

And what a cruel twist of fate which twenty years later brought me here, to the very country which made me feel anxious by just watching it on TV.

I am like a palm which someone had brought to the cold country, hoping that it would survive and grow if it was given enough nourishment and a warm room, but the plant was used to another climate, another soil and another hand which was digging around its roots and watered it at times.

Just as one cannot bribe a plant and buy its love by money, it is impossible to console oneself with material things. A new car, DVD, iPod or some other gadgets are able to distract a refugee for a few moments, but soon his thoughts does not leave him in peace and he or she are remembered what have they lost and what they will never find again.