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    different than....

    Bacterial contamination remains one of the major risks associated with blood product transfusion. The kinetics of bacterial growth in red blood cell concentrates (RBCC) is different than otherwise due to storage at 4 degrees C, conditions in which most bacteria do not survive. Psychrophilic bacteria such as Yersinia enterocolitica, however, can proliferate from a very low level of contamination to clinically significant levels at 4 degrees C and are known to cause severe transfusion-related infections.

    My question is about the second sentence. I thought there should be an object after the “different than”. Different from what? I’m having trouble understanding this sentence. Could anybody please help me?

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    Re: different than....

    It is a poorly crafted sentenmce. I think it means that bacterial growth in red blood cell concentrates is different than the growth seen in normal red blood celll solutions.

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    Re: different than....

    I see! Maybe the author should use “those of other blood products” instead of “otherwise”...?
    This is an article from “PubMED”, a famous site for searching medical articles, so I was surprised that they have such a grammatical mistake.
    Anyway, thank you very much!!


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