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  1. aglae

    please i need help with this application


    I would be very obliged if someone can help me to correct the following letter. This is very urgent but I am not sure with my English ..... I have just finished my second year at the uni and I have taken various courses in order to teach English as a foreign language but I'm still struglling to express myself both in spoken and written English. Can any of you teacher give me some tips on how to progress and be more confident?

    Hereby the letter which needs to be corrected.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Dear Mrs Smith,

    Thank you very much for returning my phone call regarding the position as “Resident Tutor”.

    At the start of the academic year 2003/2004 I began my studies at the University of Kent enrolled on a British Culture and Language Studies combined with politics degree. After my graduation I intend to enlist for a PGCE course in order to be able to teach French in secondary schools. Currently, I am involved in the Student Associates Scheme (SAS) so that I gain classroom experience while pursuing my studies; within the framework of the scheme, I am required to undertake a fifteen days observation in a school before the end of the term. I am herewith applying for a placement at Kent College.
    The SAS is organised by Christ Church University College. The University College is the main coordinator between the student and the school which welcomes him/her; before a placement, it provides the necessary information to the student’s mentor. The aim of the scheme is to allow future teachers to familiarise with their future work environment and to collect evidence toward the QTS standards. The placement is based on a non-remunerative contract between the school and the student.
    Should a placement would be impractical at the present, I would like to retain your attention for a post as a volunteer throughout the next academic year. I have visited the college‘s website and I believe that I would acquire useful experience for my PGCE interview by being able to assist in the process of teaching. Besides my interest the mainstream teaching of either English or French languages, I am particularly attracted by both your Dyslexic Unit and International Study Centre. Next academic year, I will be available the whole Thursdays and could therefore be involved on a regular basis throughout the terms if you accept me as part of your team.
    I hope that you will look favourably on my application and that I will hear from you in the near future.

    Yours faithfully,

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    Re: please i need help with this application

    a fifteen days observation- I'd say 'a fifteen-day observation'...
    I would like to retain your attention for a post - I can't say I like this phrase much. How about 'could you keep this application on file in case there is an opening at any time in the next academic year'?
    the whole Thursdays - all day every Thursday?

    Good luck

  3. aglae

    Re: please i need help with this application

    Many thanks indeed!


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