I have a few questions. Thanks in advance!

1. What does 'squarelly shaped' mean? He spoke in squarely shaped sentences, and was supremely satisfied with a condition of sublunary things which made weapons a necessity.

2. Is Tiny male or female? 'I feel almost sure I am going to die; and I should be glad, if it were not for Nelly, and Frank, and Tiny.'

3. What does 'gone off in a decline' mean? The boy said that she was a widow−woman, who had got no husband, because he was dead. Mr. Newberry, he added, had been a well−to−do man enough, as the saying was, and a farmer; but he had gone off in a decline.

4. What does 'wooed at the house of a relative near his own' mean? Darton had travelled this way before, he had not done so frequently, Sally having been wooed at the house of a relative near his own.

5. What is meaning of last sentence? All this coming together was a conjuncture difficult to cope with in a moment, and made him question whether he ought to leave the house or offer assistance. But for Sally's manner he would unhesitatingly have done the latter.

6. What does 'smoothed out the incipient wrinkles of care' mean? When he had plumed himself before the inn mirror, called for something to drink, and smoothed out the incipient wrinkles of care, he walked on to the Knap with a quick step.