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    It is important for families to have meals together regularly

    Do you agree or disagree with the following statement:
    It is important for families to have meals together regularly.

    The high-speed rhythm of current society and the giant/colossal/huge pressure of endless work are spoiling people's lifestyle. Even the most advanced communication and vehicle technology cannot afford sufficient time and conveniences for family members. Indisputably, having meals with families should be regard as a good avenue towards boosting family communication, strengthening family ties and improving life quality.

    Communication, which is a superb gateway to reinforce mutual understanding, can be readily and smoothly implemented at mealtimes. The delicious meal renders people deep relaxation and enjoyment/delight, which offers a great atmosphere for close and comfortable chat. Sitting with table, people tend to listen instead of disputing, accept different advice rather than suspect or reject it. That's why family meals are widely held at festivals, weddings or birthdays all over the world. Family meals donít simply act as a meet with food, but are an easy and efficient approach to mutual understanding of families.

    Also, having meals together promotes the sense of belonging and consolidates family bonds/ties. Regular or frequent family meals, which put families together time and time again, constantly imply that families are integral and harmonious. Gradually, people trust and relay on their family, considering family as a place which can provide food and other desired things, and families as the most reliable and beloved people. Countless news and investigations indicate that family members who usually have meals with their families always love their family, and are full of self-confidence.

    Apart from these psychological and emotional factors, the family generally be regard as a more comfortable and trustworthy/reliable place for meals. In your own home, you can play your favorite music and choose a suitable chair when you are eating. In contrast, in the restaurant, people have to take other people into consideration, it's hard-pressed to choose their own desired styles. On the other hand, the domestic food is safer and healthier, as families are much more mindful of the nutrition and hygiene, rather than the expense and cost. The combination of these advantages/strengths highlight family to be a peerless and personal restaurant.

    Even though our society is developing by leaps and bounds, family meals, which are of great importance ties to family in the past, still play an irreplaceable role today. Please have meals with your families as often as you can, because it benefits yourself and the whole of your family as well.

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    Re: It is important for families to have meals together regularly

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