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    Question Looking for Materials/Activities for an ESP Student


    I was recently hired as a tutor for a teenage girl in Argentina. She goes to a special technical school where she learns what seems to be engineering-type EFL/English for specific purposes (the whole "interview" with the student was in Spanish, which is my second language, but I got the gist of the situation)...

    I only met her yesterday, and briefly had the opportunity to look at some of her materials- Though she needs to learn more vocabulary related to her vocation (construction, buildings, structure, etc.), she is also more or less at the level of English where she is learning the passive voice (and other grammatical aspects) and learning to incorporate them into her field (ex: The building was constructed by ABC Company and was built in 1988...).

    She primarily wants to improve her oral comprehension and speaking/conversation, not reading or writing.

    Does anyone know of any good materials or websites or activities that might be appropriate for someone like her of her level?

    Thank you for reading!

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    Re: Looking for Materials/Activities for an ESP Student

    Your student could find lots of grammar work on the web by googling various tenses etc. however it can be difficult to identify activities at a specific level.

    My site ( provides, for example, exercises on the passive at level 3 units 11 & 12, level 4, units 1 & 2, level 6, unit 3 and level 7 unit 3. There is also a good deal of work with audio and video dictations which include the Nanogong function which students can use to repeat words, phrases or whole completed dictations, comparing their pronunciation with the original.

    The advantage of the site is that a range of activities is provided at eight easily identified levels.

    Hope this will help,

    Mark Yates

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