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  1. SHU

    Unhappy Best way to master English

    I wonder why the person who can speak the languages more than 3 is fast to learn English. i'm Japanese, we learned English for years,but we couldn't speak well yet. For sure, we didn't have a chance to use it though, more than the fact, we feel far from this international language. I guess the reason, in Japan, almost japanese, they can speak their first language only, they can make a living without using English in their lives, they closed from abroad
    completely in the past, they developped the social ecomomies by themselves.

    However, As a regard of internationalization, Japan is behind compared to other countries. Chinese economy is developping in the high speed.
    I guess it's affected English speaker who contribute to society.

    Anyway, my point is that I have to learn English as soon as possible.
    For that, how the way should I have. I'd like to know the best way.

    My Enlish level is still no good. I don't have vocablaries to communicate with
    someone. I' m getting sleepy when I read some book to get English words.
    AH...How can I do...

  2. mila

    Re: Best way to master English

    My name is Anne-Sophie and I am a french student. I have just read your question. I have also problems to speak english and I make lots of mistake. If you want, we could communicate and when I see that you mistake, I correct you and vice versa. What do you think about it? My email is I will be expecting your answer. Bye!

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