Please, could you proofread my text:

Marcus soon understood that before him he had an extraordinary person who could be trusted and who had a lot of empathy for him. In his presence he felt safe and calm and it was as if pure love was emanating from Peter and sweeping over him. For the first time in his life, he could open himself up to someone without risking being laughed at and misunderstood. Once when they were pacing under the blue sky and looking at the roofs and block of flats he told Peter about his difficult childhood.

When he was nine years old, his father left them and moved somewhere abroad, without ever coming back. His mother had been working as a nurse in hospital and was kind and conscientious, but the separation from her husband was an emotional blow from which she would never fully recover. In the beginning she was crying and hoping that his father was going to change his mind and return, asking her for forgiveness, but when that expectation had not been realised, her personality had changed completely and soon Marcus was witnessing his own mother turning into a promiscuous women who was using sex and men as a consolation for her broken marriage.