Hello UE forum, this is my first long post.

I registered on this forum (which seems really useful, I will come back) because it seems to be the largest community of English language students on the net, and I thought it would be the perfect place to share a little project I've made, which I think is useful and I'd like to see somebody else using it other than me.

I invite moderators to check the whole post and let me know if there's any problem posting a link (as I've read on the rules), knowing it could be misunderstood as spam, but I think this is relevant in this forum.

Basically, what I made is a tool that proofreads two expressions/phrases using search engine results.

My mother tongue is italian, and as you can imagine, it's always been a bit frustrating for me to write in proper English, whether I was writing an important email or a forum post.

Of course you have spell checkers and dictionaries online, and they can help you check the text grammar, but in some cases you have to 'trust your ear' in order to estabilish if a phrase sounds good, and there's a possibility that your ear isn't as good as you think.

One thing that I find myself doing very often when I have nobody to proofread a text for me is to check google because I'm dubious about a phrase or expression, and I want to use the most common one, the one the better fits the context.

Usually I have to decide between two options I have in mind, so I google the first phrase, note the number of results, then I google the second phrase and check the results again to have my proof of popularity.

This is pretty much what my site (Phras.in) does, but it's quicker than using google and checks both phrases in one shot, try it.

You can also get results typing the phrases in the address bar, like this:

http://phras.in/having few glasses/having a few glasses

The site is at: PHRAS.IN

Obviously Phras.in can't (and won't) replace this forum in any way , and of course here you can get help from real teachers with real answers, but consider this, maybe, as a side tool.
I'd just like to receive some feedback. Any suggestion on how to improve it is more than welcome