My English is very bad, and I am in urgent to finish the acknowledgement to be submitted tomorrow. Could you help me to proofread? Your help will be deeply appreciated, and I will acknowledge your name if you do not refuse.

I have attached my acknowledgement below. Thank you very much for your help. To protect the people's identities, I have used fake names. Sorry about that.

Thanks again,


I owe my deepest gratitude to John, who is in no doubt a great
scientist and also a great mentor. He has shown me how to do science
rigorously and seriously, and I havenít learnt enough from him.
Although he is always very busy with his own research, administrative
work, and advising many of his students and postdocs, he has always
been willing to spend a significant amount of time in discussing
research or something else with me. Every time when we met, I was
inspired a lot by his great scientific insights and amused by his
humors. I must also thank John for his patience in correcting the
numerous English (and logical) errors I made in my writings. Besides,
I enjoyed a lot going to parties in his house, and I will never forget
the delicious dishes he prepared for us. It is my great pleasure to
know John.

I would like to thank John, John, John, and John for being on my
thesis committee. John and John have attended numerous thesis
committee meetings with me in the past years, and their suggestions
helped me a lot to sharpen my thesis. I thank John and John for
spending their valuable time to read my thesis and for the very useful

I must also thank my collaborators and colleagues, who have
contributed to or have given valuable suggestions on my thesis. I
must thank John again who has spent large amounts of time to give me
directions and suggestions on everything projects we collaborated. I
learnt a lot from John and John in the project we collaborated. Since
I started to work on theoretical projects, John has spent much time
discussing ideas with me, and I must thank him a lot. I also thank
John who has worked with me on the very interesting topic. I learnt a
lot about abc from John and John. I also enjoyed a lot to work with
John on the XYZ problem. I would also like to thank John, John, John,
and John for the useful discussions.

I would also like to thank John and John, who helped me a lot with
computers. In particular, John has helped to recover some very
important data and hence saved my life. My thanks also go to the very
helpful staffs, John, John, and John. Life in the department will be
disorganized without them.

Of course, I have to thank all the great teachers and graduate
students in the XYZ Department and also the ABC Department at the
University of AAA. I will not forget the time when listening to
lectures by professors, doing homework and studying qualifying exams
with classmates, playing soccer and softball, going to picnics,
enjoying the East Asian Student Lunches and Dinners, and doing lots of
others. Countless people were encountered during conferences and
seminars, and I could not list their names one by one but I would like
to say thank you here.

During the course of this work at University of AAA, I was supported
by the Department of XYZ and also by various grants from the BBB.
Modifications of the thesis and the write-up of the acknowledgement
were done when I was at the University of ABC at EEE, and I thank John
for arranging necessary computing resources.

I would like to show my gratitude to my master advisor, John, at the
University of AAA for his guidance and continuous support during the
past years. I also thank John and John at AAA University for their
encouragement during my academic career.

Special thank goes to (your name) to proofread my English of this acknowledgement.

Finally, and most importantly, this work would not have been possible
without the endless support and encouragement from my parents and my
love. I dedicate this thesis to them.