i have written a sentence. however, i am not sure weather it is right or wrong. please check and revise my sentence.

the sentence :
"From these numerical studies we can conclude that when diffusion occurs in the infinite percolation cluster at criticality, the fractal dimension of the random walk dw is near 2.84 and 4 for two and three dimensions respectively, while the diffusion is averaged over all percolation clusters at the threshold, dw is near 3 and 5 for d = 2 and 3 respectively. "

How about the usage of the word of "respectively"? is it right? I want to say that in one case it yeilds dw = 2.84 for two dimension and dw = 4 for three dimensions, in another case, it yeilds dw = 3 for two dimension and dw = 5 for three dimensions.

thanks a lot.