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    The + superlative

    Dear all,

    Would you please tell me, which of these sentences are correct?

    Most of English pubs serve food these days.
    The most of English pubs serve food these days.

    I have learned, that you have to use "the" before every superlative. But in my book it the superlatives are often used without "the". What is correct? Could you please explain to me, when I have to use "the" and when not?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Re: The + superlative

    Why is "Most of the English pubs serve food these days" not considered?

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    Re: The + superlative

    It should be 'most English pubs....' if you're talking in general about English pubs. If, say, you'd been to England and Ireland and wanted tp contrast, you'd say 'Most of the English pubs...'.

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