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    Why the Internet is good ?

    The Internet is good becuase it's a wonderful source of information , and an amzing way of communications and meeting people.

    Before the Internet, If I wanted to do a reserch or find something , I had to have my own books , or go to a library and borrow them .

    But nowadays , everyone can sit at home and find information in any Serach Engine , such as Google, Yahoo!, etc ..

    Before the Internet , You had to write letters , or telephone people . Telephone calls were very expensive. But now just send an e-mail or write an IM on MSN and it will be arrived in seconds.

    And also if you have a webcan you can see each other .

    But sometimes the Internet is bad becuase the information may not be true , emails , and meeting people may be dangerous .


    Are there any mistakes ? Or ideas to add to my paragraph ?

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    Smile Re: Internet

    Hi ......
    maybe I'm not who can tell you if you done good or not .... but I think you done good ... but there's some letters missed or wrong(amazing/webcam)... I believe you just wrote it quickly ...
    that's it .. I just wanted to encourage you because it seems we're in the same level in English ....
    Good luck ..

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