Hi, there!
We are learning English aspects in school and I don't understand the lessons our teacher gives. It's so confusing. So I would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions:
1) In English there are two kinds of aspects in general, lexical aspect and grammatical aspect. Am I right? So what differs the lexical aspect from the grammatical one?
2) In grammatical aspect, there are various types of aspects rendered in English such as repetitive aspect, durative aspect, punctual aspect, and so on and so forth. What are the elements that specify or determine each above mentioned aspect?
3) Or, if I should deal with the expressions of durative, repetitive and punctual aspects in English, how should I begin? Could you please suggest a possible plan for me, and give a website address where I can get more information about the English aspects?
Thank you so much for your kindness in answering these questions?