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  1. nessie

    Talking HELP needed!

    Hi there :)

    I have been assigned a task connected with idiomatic expressions, and several sentences to complete. I managed to solve all but this one:

    If I were you, I would never trust her.She ______ed her boyfriend into giving her all his money, and then disappeared with another guy.

    The only thing I know is that a name of an animal should be put in the gap. I thought about fox (she foxed her boyfriend... etc.) but I really don't know... I still have a lot to learn :) Hope you can help :)


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    Re: HELP needed!

    You are right. I've never heard it before but my dictionary says you are right.
    "fox" is a verb and it means to trick or deceive

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    Re: HELP needed!

    I don't know about the "fox". Here in Canada we like to use the word " weasel".
    "She weaseled her boyfriened into giving her..." - she was simply manipulating him, conniving and unfair towards him in order to get that money.

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    Re: HELP needed!

    I believe the word is conned, as in conn artist.

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    Re: HELP needed!

    How about "bully"? (She bullied her boyfriend into...)
    Nessie, I hope you'll let us know when you get the correct the correct answer, because now I'm really curious.

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    Re: HELP needed!

    You need the name of an animal in that phrase?

    Then I believe the answer is "she outfoxed her boyfriend out of..."

    Outfoxed... A fox has a reputation of being very tricky, so if you "outfox" someone, you are even trickier than a fox.

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