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    Have I made any mistakes?

    Hi dear teachers I have written the following piece of text for a persian forum. Have I made any mistakes?

    Hi pals! While surfing the net, I was struck by the thought of having a topic specifically for discussing the games we like -or I'd better say love -with each other . I'm sure most of u guys atleast know some basic rules of the english language but having the ability to understand the meaning of a context is diffrent from having the ability to write .
    so this topic can be a motivation for u -my friends -at this website to have a go at writing english. and since my major is translation of english into persian i can halp you correct your mistakes and blunders regarding writing in english. ofcourse it doesnt necessarily mean that im a perfect writer of english but I'm doing my utmost to help you , my frinds, with your english.
    but let me first talk a little bit about what and how we should discuss .
    You can talk about everything regarding games and the things related to games. Those of you who can write better in english can help others. Try your best to motivate and encourage them to write in english but absolutely avoid demoralizing them. and those of you who might find it hard to write, the only thing that I can tell you is that don't be afraid of writing. You know what they say: the first step is the hardest.

    Thank you very very much.

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    Re: Have I made any mistakes?

    I would say Do your best instead of Try your best, but maybe it's just me.

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