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    2 question

    We made our way to the front door, passing one of the servants. She was dusting a marble-topped table in the hallway, but instead of using a feather duster or Pledge, she just held her hands above the surface. The dust swirled up in a tiny cloud, vanishing as it rose. Watching it was every bit as jarring as the computer and cell phone had been. At Hecate, no one was that . . . well, casual with magic. Mrs. Casnoff certainly wouldn’t have let us use our powers to dust.

    every bit as jarring ?? exciting or irritating?
    casual with ?? We did never use magic for everydays affairs or there wasnt a servant who working with magic?

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    Re: 2 question


    jarring = disconcerting (beunruhigend und verwirrend)

    casual with = unworried and unconcerned use (lässig)

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