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  1. hookshot

    bang went sixpence

    I am a german student, stuying english at a university.
    I came across this saying and have been surfing the web and researching in numerous idiom collections, but i am unable to find out its meaning:
    I'll give you the whole sentence:

    James McLaren invested 50 grand in venture and bang went sixpence.

    I am to find out whether, formally this one sentence could be a very short Short Story and thus i have to find out what the latter part means.

    thanks in advance

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    Re: bang went sixpence

    There is an idom bang goes something.
    Bang goes something means - something has turned for the worse, something's gone.

    If I don't get my knee looked at and fixed right away, bang goes my swimming for this summer! (= I can kiss my swimming good bye, there goes my swimming!).

    James McLaren invested 50 grand in venture and bang went sixpence.

    I am not sure if it's just a play on words based on that particular idiom.
    "Bang" in slang also means luck/situation/ fortune
    sixpense probably stands for something worthless.

    paraphrasing this I get the same thing:
    his luck/fortune turned sour (worthless) by investing all that money.

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