Dear teachers,

Would you be kind enough to tell me whether the following sentence has any sense?

The children should have waited their mother outside till she was come back home.

I will be obliged to you if you manifest all my errors in the sentence above. Don't feel sorry for me.

I know that there is not a good horse that never stumbles. I make a public avowal that I piled up errors in my posts, but you shouldn’t forget that I am only an untutored student and not a defenseless, sacrificial lamb.

Don’t take me literally, but I would like to have complete confidence in English teacher at the present forum, which unfortunately turned out unrealizable reverie for the time being.

There are, much to my regret, a few teachers in the true proper sense of the word and too many “ersatz” (substitute one);.such people I called “people with itching ears”.

Thanks for your efforts.