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    Book cover - homework

    my English teacher asked me to write a short essay on the imaginary book cover. I would really really really appreciate if someone could help me correct this essay. Thank you in advance! Lucie

    Imagine yourself standing on a damp ground shivering with cold. The sun has just risen above the horizon and first rays of morning light are starting to push the darkness away. You donít know exactly where you are and you donít know what is going to happen to you in the following hours. Your wrists and ankles, embraced by heavy chains, are badly bruised which makes it almost impossible to move around. Perhaps itís the gloomy weather and the thick fog that is making you feel so depressed. Perhaps itís the faded hope of ever getting away from this nightmare that has gradually sucked out all of the energy you used to have. But suddenly, as you are starting to show the first signs of insanity, there emerges, all of a sudden, a chance of survival. It is only up to you to take full advantage of it, to grasp at this opportunity and simply hold on to it. Take a deep breath and plunge into the world of adventuresÖ

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    Re: Book cover - homework

    There is a redundancy in the 3rd sentence from the end-"suddenly" and "all of a sudden."
    I would eliminate "only" from the next sentence.
    Use the article "the" before "first rays of light."
    Well done!

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