Good evening guys!!!
Would you be so kind to me to correct my essay?
I also beg you to tell me your opinions about it and tell me if it's adequate for the FCE exam as usual.

That is the topic:
Today's young people have an easier life than their parents did.
Do you agree with this statement?

Discuss how your own life may be different from that of your parents at your age mentioning socialising, study, and free-time activities.

This is my answer:

It is globally acknowledged that, thanks to the improvement of new technology and science, life is getting more and more comfortable.
New generations have more facilities and much more goods, for istance, the spreading of computers, mobile phones and MP3s has covered all the generations belonging to the 21st century.
Studying is easier thanks to the Internet and the number of free-time activities is immense and, due to the birth of social networks, you can know more people and chat with your friends.
My parents hadn't got a computer or a mobile phone.
When they had my same age, they didn't even know their existence.
They had to study hard on books and their hobbies weren't linked at all with technology or computer science. I was informed that girls used to skip the rope or play with dolls while boys were always playing football.
From this point of view, their games were undoubtedly healthier than ours.
Furthermore they lived blithelier and were totally innocent(they weren't threatened by the dipendence of computers and the contact with smoke and drug was non-existent).
However, today's young people suffer less from hunger and poverty and, if their personality is strong enough to stand the flaws of our society(drug/smoke/computer/sex dipendence), they can surely live better and easier lives.