I write this text for my friend, about a day with a lot of work.
Please correct it for me!
Thank you for helping!

Like a student, an accountancy, a mother...I do my best!
I will graduate in next year but I'm working like an accountancy in a build company.
I'm also a "mother" because I manage my older brother-28 year old but he is just a kid.
Call him up. Prepare his breakfast. Tell him be careful about transport, job and women.
Just kidding!
So I am a busy girl. Right!

I usually wake up at 6.am, then do some physical exercises. Actually I don't like it but if you have a sexy body, you are an angle in the the eyes of boys.
Keep effort!

After that, I make the breakfast for me and my brother. My brother likes bread with egg and coffee, but I love the noodles and milk. I don't like coffee, it's not good for my skin.

I go to work at 8.am. My company is near my house. It's a nice place to...sleep but I must work. Calculate the finance is my job. Interesting but sometime I feel fully stretched. I have 2 hours for lunch, so I often return to my house make something to eat and prepare for dinner. Because when I finish my work in 5.pm, I must go to school, so I have a little time for my dinner. My course begins at 6:30.pm and finish at 9.pm. In this time, I feel tired but I make every effort.

After a full day like this, I usually go out with my friends, talking about something funny then I return home. Oh that's sweet time, relax with music, check mail, chat with some friend, update information in Internet. I always go to bed at 11:30.pm. Let's dream about something sweet like a charm prince. Oh, I'm a princess and I'm finding my prince.