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    I have to write a report on one of my classes. Could you please check my report.

    Please, Check the attachment.
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    Re: I have to write a report on one of my classes. Could you please check my report.

    I have done what I can with it. It was difficult having to cut and paste it from your Word document so the formatting has gone a little strange. I have no technical knowledge of the subject so have left anything like that alone.
    In future, if you could post such things in small sections, it would be easier for us to check. Thanks.
    Here is what I have amended:


    A. Visit three agricultural or urban / construction sites and answer each of the following questions for each site in a short report.

    1. What diffuse pollutants did you observe? List as many as you can. Are there possibly other diffuse pollutants that you cannot see? If so, list them.
    2. What is the probable cause/source of each pollutant you observed or suspect is present?

    I decided to analyze agricultural and urban sites in Russia, as my home country.
    This is First, I visited a wheat field. I think here we can observe diffuse pollutants like such as:

    - Insecticides (DDT may be used, the soil has already has absorbed a lots of many toxic chemicals such as Aluminium, arsenic, chlorine etc.). Birds, rodents and other wildlife could be poisoned. To reduce this pollution, they could use biological insecticides could be used. (Wikipedia, Insecticide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
    - Fertilizers (nitrates accumulation in groundwater, soil acidification, heavy metal (cadmium, uranium) accumulation). To avoid or minimize this effect we may could use eco-friendly fertilizers.
    - herbicides
    - oil, grease drops and tire (tyre in BrE) crumbdust from grain harvester combines (combine harvesters) and tractors.

    This is one of the busiest streets of in Kazan. What pollutants I can observe: I observed the following pollutants:

    - Automobile oil, grease, gas, tire crumbs dust on the asphalt.
    - Toxic car emissions: Carbon dioxide, monoxide, lead (plumbum), nitrogen oxides, unburned fuel, sulfur dioxide, benzene, toluene, xylene, 1,3-butadiene, acetaldehyde, and formaldehyde.
    - Lawn fertilizers for lawn.
    - After rain, all this matter is washed off away and settles in the creek.
    - Air conditioner gas (Air conditioner Freon rises into the sky and destroys the ozone layer).
    This is I then visited a lake called “Deep Lake”, located not far from downtown of Kazan.
    3. Briefly discuss, based on your on-site observations, what is "being done" or "should be done" to minimize the problems you observed.
    B. Many of you are in programs or are doing research related to diffuse pollution. Please describe in a paragraph why diffuse pollution control is related to work you are currently doing or plan to do after you graduate.

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