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    might be

    Kindly solve following problem for me.
    1: This might be a problem with your modem or router.
    a: Kindly tell me about tense of this sentence. (Present or future) and why it is present or future tense?
    b: Kindly clear what is meant by "might be" here? What type of verb/phrase it is?
    c: as per my perception "be" is used in passive of future tenses. i.e The bread will be eaten. Then what is the role of "be" here.
    d: Please write down some more sentences of this type in which a "modal" is followed by "BE".

    I am very fresh to English, I am trying my best to learn how to speak English.

    Best regards.
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    Re: might be


    a. might be - present conditional
    b. might be means : it is possible/ probable ; modal verb [ might]
    c. generally, modal verbs are followed by the short infinitive of the verbs [ might + be

    Some other way to say the sentence: It is possible that your modem or router have a problem, or
    It is probably a problem with your modem or router.
    You probably have a modem or router problem.


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