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Thread: in and at!

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    in and at!

    hello, does anybody know how to figure out what propositions to use after the effective? For example is something effective in treating a disease or effective at treating a disease? Is there a general rule for using at or in?

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    Re: in and at!

    No overall rules really; most cases are a matter of historical collocation or idiom.

    I am effective at obfuscation.
    Aspirin is effective in treating heart disease.
    It is effective for some people only.

    I think perhaps agents are effective 'at' while materials and methods are effective 'in'-- but my thoughts here have not been particularly broad.

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    Smile Re: in and at!

    Thank you so much for clarifying my question. I had a huanch that was the case since I have seen it used in multiple forms as you mentioned.


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