Hi, again. I would be thankful if someone take a look at my essay and say what their opinion about it and edit it if they think is necessary.
I have to write an answer to an announcement. I have to choose someone to interview( it doesn't have to be alive person). What would I ask him/her and why did I choose him/her?

To the Editor,

The person I would really like to interview is Thomas Edison.

The reasons for my desire to interview this man of science aren’t only his great achievements and brilliant mind but his perseverance to carry on after many failures. He started from the scratch, made his own company and invented things without which our life like it is now would be impossible.

If I had the chance to interview him, I would probably ask him from where he gained the strength to continue after so many obstacles. Also if could, I would show him what the life is nowadays thanks to his inventions and asked him what he thinks about it. Then I would ask him what he thinks the people need to be invented. Finally I would ask him about the secret of being successful, although he might not share it.

Yours sincerely