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Thread: My daughter

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    My daughter

    dear all ,

    I don't know how could begin my topic . because , I think it's quite important.
    People who are married know how much a life diffrent after getting a first baby .
    Certainly , we are delighted with our children .but it's not satisfie the leaving
    with children .What i mean by that , The parents spend practically all day
    to take care of thier children .

    I have been in vacation since last monday .And I site with my daughter
    LINA instead her babysitter . Although I get some directions from my wife ,
    its stile very diffcult to me taking care of lina even one hour .I realized
    that the parents especially mothers suffer a lot's in the care of thier children.

    For person who is expect that the baby is cute and its very funny sitting with them ,
    you are correct but you have to be ready for some troubles.

    by the way they deserve what we have been doing for them.
    i just remind you how much you used to cause trouble
    when you were child so don't forget to assistance your mather , wife and hopefully, me

    I realy admire this site and wrote this topic to improve my writing ,please
    correct to me and i hope receive comments or advices to help me to write well .
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