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    which 1 is correct ?

    i guess you are right
    i think you are right

    i guess we should do this instead
    i think we should do this instead

    if all are correct ... then when to use which one

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    Re: which 1 is correct ?

    ***Neither a teacher nor a native speaker.***

    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob5 View Post
    I guess you are right.
    I think you are right.

    I guess we should do this instead.
    I think we should do this instead.

    If all are correct, then when to use which one?
    Sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a . ! or ?

    I don't think there is a difference.
    Use what you want to.
    It's always better not to use the same words.

    You could also say:
    I believe you are right.

    P.S. However, maybe there is a small difference, we'll see.


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    Re: which 1 is correct ?

    I suppose you're right.
    In colloquial speech you can use any of these. But in writing, and when you need to be semantically precise, you use the correct word.

    You can look up "guess, suppose, think, believe". The differences between their meanings is not small.

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