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Thread: Blankout

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    (1)Electricity blankout= (a word?? ) which means to avoid the electricity peak and ensure reliablity.

    (2) if we want to develop/extend the DC photo, we should go to a photo shop.
    (develop or extend??? or "extend" means to expand the size of a photo?

    Give me a hand, thanks in advance.

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    Re: Blankout

    I'm not quite sure what we've got here, Gogu, but--

    #1 -- do you mean an electrical or power blackout? That is when the electrical power fails completely in a geographical area and no one has electricity.

    #2 -- We enlarge photographs to make them larger. Photographic film (remember that stuff?) is developed and then individual prints are made as enlargements of the negatives. I really have no idea what they do with digital cameras and those little chip thingies.


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    Re: Blankout

    yes, it should be "Blackout", i made a clerical error here.
    IS there a word that similarly means "BLACKOUT"?

    Thanks guy, i got the sense of the DC matters, so many thanks.


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