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    Describe / Modify ?

    Shrek is truly an awesome movie which appeals to kids and adults alike

    I'm not sure what this sentence is really saying. I have the following interpretations:

    1. Shrek is an movie, one that is awesome and appeals to kids and adults alike.
    ('awesome' and 'appeal' both describe the word movie. They are parallel. It is like saying Shrek is an awesome, appeal-to-kids-and-adults-alike movie)

    2. Shrek is not a movie only for kids. It's the kind of movie that appeals to kids and adults alike. And It is awesome.
    ('awesome' describes, while 'appeal' modifies)

    3. There are three types of movies: awesome movie, good movie, average movie. Shrek is one of so called awesome movies. And it appeals to kids and adults alike.
    ('awesome' modifies, while 'appeal' describes)

    I suspect the answer should be 1. But are the other two theoretically possible? I'm wondering if there's a rule to tell modifiers from describers.

    Would you please help me out? Thanks!

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    Re: Describe / Modify ?

    I'd say they are parallel here. Though Shrek might appear to be a child's movie, that is bringing stuff in from outside. I'd say they both describe.

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    Re: Describe / Modify ?

    Thanks, Tdol!

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