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  1. Malcom

    Learning via language exchange?

    I am an intermediate student of english and I have
    learned tons of grammar and attended engish classes
    for many years.
    Now I am thinking if it helps me to improve my english
    through an language exchange partner from another
    contry. I visited this webpage
    where you can find exchange partners from around the world.

    I just wonder if i can increase my english level in this way.
    Does anybody have done this before?

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    Re: Learning via language exchange?

    It always helps your language ability to have friends who speak the language you are trying to learn.

    The problem with language exchange is that both of you are trying to learn the others language, so usually the the person with the greatest ability will end up getting the most out of it (since it is mutually easier to communictate in the strongest language).

    It is better to make friends who do not speak your language, in my opinion.

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