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    thesis presentation

    I have translated a thesis presentation, but am not sure if it's correct. Could you please, check and correct if something is wrong or not accurate?
    Thank you in advance.

    I work as a teacher assistant at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Omsk Institute Branch of Novosibirsk State Academy of Water Transportation Engineering. I teach the following disciplines: “Automatic Control of Water Transportation Electrical Equipment”, “Electronic Devices”, “Electromagnetic Compatibility of Technical Equipment”, and “Radio Equipment”. I also serve as a secretary of the State Examination Board and graduation project supervisor. I have been doing postgraduate studies for two years now.
    The topic of my thesis is “Effects of Electromagnetic Interference on Electrical Circuit”. I’m conducting my research with the help of measuring and computing complex ‘Omsk-M’, which is used for analysis of quality of electrical power in electrical circuits.
    By now I have written 17 articles, 9 of which are according to the list comprised by the State Certificate Commission. I have taken part in 4 conferences, including an international one in Pavlodar City. Next year, on taking qualifying examinations for the Candidate's degree, I will be defending my thesis.

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    Re: thesis presentation

    Thank you so much for the time spent on checking my translation and clarification. It's extremely useful! Actually, I feel emarrassed about the articles. Don't know why they skipped me. And it's interesting to know about the numbers less then 10.

    Thanks once again))

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