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The longer he was listening to Marcus and his story, the more Peter was becoming aware of the spiritual decay of the Swedish society. Those in power, whatever their political ideology, were never interested in the human soul. They abused and exploited people in all possible ways, and if someone dared to resist, they would fear him like a plague and eliminate him before the truth came out and discontent started spreading over the country.

In the past they needed gulags, prisons and torture chambers to instil fear and obedience into their opponents, but now they had such power over human souls that millions would obey them without ever questioning their decisions. They could start wars, destroy countries, kill hundreds of thousands of innocents, sacrifice young men and women, of whom many would return home invalided, and in the end the leader would be glorified like a god, although he was nothing but a scoundrel.

It seemed to him as if the whole humankind had been bewitched by an evil sorcerer who suffered from boredom and now and then indulged in his wicked games.
Peter would spend hours pacing his little cell and thinking about the fine art of propaganda and persuasion, concluding that its practitioners must be the greatest artists of all time.

It was an impressive achievement to enthral all those crowds and make them behave, think and see as the one.
Whatever their age, education, profession, race, or social status, they had placed their fate in the propagandistís strong hands and from now on he was going to be their father, mother, friend and secret lover.

As all other artists, a skilful propagandist had to practice his art continuously, explore new methods, ideas, styles and territories. Sometimes he wanted to test himself, just to assure himself that his gift had not rusted, and he would begin with simple exercises, for example, make a lie look like a truth, or present pitch darkness as a dazzling sunny day.

More advanced exercises consisted in persuading the crowds of the necessity for the war against the country X, or demanding more sacrifices from already tired nation.

His reward would be great - watching all those masses rising like huge waves and then, moving in one direction, and on his sign in another, defying logic and gravitation. Soon, a group of panderers would appear and publish their books in which they completely agreed with all his statements and even scientifically proved that 2+2=5, or that black and white were actually the same colours.

If by a chance, a brave, intelligent person would suddenly come up, and understanding what was going on, tried to warn his fellow citizens not to listen to the lies and manipulations, Mr Manipulator would probably blush for a few seconds before turning to them and warned them not to listen to this fool who was only interested in causing them harm. And the crowds would of course turn against this brave person who would be forced to run for his life, if he did not want to be lynched.

The same pattern repeated all the time, in all countries, cities and towns, and millions of the gullible masses would shut off their brains, close their eyes and follow him, who was all-knowing and all-powerful.

For thousands of years almost nothing had changed and Mr Manipulator would simply adapt his tactics to new times and new generations. There was nobody on this planet who could stop him, who could unmask him and open peopleís eyes, nobody but him, Peter.