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    I need this plz!

    Hi everybody

    How are you all I hope you are doing great.

    Well I need a good conversational book that I can county on when I'm dealing with an English native speaker.

    And I want to know do I have to know a certain number or amount of words which will make me more confident while speaking.

    Some people told me that I should know at least 100,000 word. BUT how on earth could I learn and memorize this huge number. I might know alot words but sometimes I forget it when I want to use it so what should I do?

    Thank you in advance:)

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    Re: I need this plz!

    Quote Originally Posted by *Sama* View Post
    Some people told me that I should have known at least 100,000 words.
    100,000 words.

    Some people are way too poor at math. They definitely don't know how to count.

    Having a vocabulary of 100,000 words makes you someone more than a native-speaker, makes you Shakespeare in flesh.

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    Re: I need this plz!

    Hello, Sama, (is that a recent photograph? You look very young)

    It's not how many words you know that matters, but whether you can put together the words you do know into sentences and communicate with others.

    I've been a native English speaker for 70 years and I've no idea how many words I know - but it's a mere fraction of 100,000. Whoever told you that is crazy; ignore it.

    Your post shows that you already have a good knowledge of English. Have confidence in your ability and get as much practice as you can in speaking and writing the language.

    Ask us again if you have any specific problems.


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