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  1. Chris

    talking in tongues

    Hi teacher,

    I have difficulty understanding the meanings of the bracketed parts. Would you please do me a favor?

    Now, I am not a big shouter. I belong to the Presbyterian Church and [us donít hold with all this rolling on the floor and talking in tongues.] Us donítí get sanctified every week and wallow around together. In our church we sing and let the preacher do the preaching. And tell you the truth I donít think a little singing and a little preaching would hurt you, Mick. You ought to take your little brother to the Sunday school and also you plenty big enough to sit in church. From the biggity way you been acting lately it seems to me like [you already got one toe in the pit.]

    Thanks in advance ^_^.

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    Re: talking in tongues

    Us- should be 'we'
    Speaking/talking in tongues is when people appear to be speaking in languages that they do not know. It is seen in some churches. Whether it's a langauge or gibberish depends very much on the attitude of the listener.

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