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  1. purple

    some questions

    Dear Teacher:

    I have troube understanding the following sentences. Would you please kindly do me a favor?

    1. The buildings had a bare look in the bright sun

    2. Go out and find an octopus and put socks on it.

    3. The Negro race of its own accord climbs up on the cross on every Friday.

    4. The Kellys is just barely keeping one jump ahead of the sheriff.

    5. The shirts were no more dirty than if Saint John the Baptist himself had
    been wearing them.

    Thanks a bunch.

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    Re: some questions

    An interesting set of sentences, Purple. They are imaginative, metaphoric ways of saying the following:

    1-- The buildings were plain and unadorned.
    2-- You might as well try to accomplish the impossible.
    3-- Many blacks hyperbolize the suffering of their race. ('Climbing onto the cross' is crucifixion.)
    4-- The Kellys are barely avoiding arrest.
    5-- The shirts were extremely clean. (John spent a lot of time in the river, fully clothed.)

    Others may have further opinions.


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