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    Zero Conditions

    Hello pals,
    I have some questions regarding the zero conditions.
    A while ago a person asked me, "What kind of condition is this:"
    "If people don't eat or drink, eventually they die."
    I told him it was the zero condition, however, I think eventually is wrong.
    Zero conditions tell us that the result is always the true.
    If I miss my bus, I come too late to work.
    (Because I don't have a car, there are no taxies etc.)
    So I think eventually belongs to other conditions.
    If she comes, I will eventually go.
    (Maybe I will stay, maybe not - we'll see.)

    So, can such words like eventually, maybe, probably etc. be used in zero condition sentences?


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    Re: Zero Conditions

    Zero Conditionals
    and probably cannot be used, because, as you imply, they would put the result in doubt. Eventually, however, is something that will happen at an undetermined, future time and does not indicate doubt.
    I wonder if you are thinking of eventuality, a noun which means a possible event. (In the eventuality of a transit strike, classes will be cancelled.)

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