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    Inevitably, this article argues, the U.S.and their powerful developed states well witness a blurring of issues involving state security ( where military forces have traditionally proven the best form of protection) and issues involving "human security" ( in which instruments and agencies other than the military may prove the primary means of protection). Increasingly in the future,therefore, we may also see a blurring of foreign and domestic concerns. These concerns will smetimes mesh seamlessly with each other, and sometimes clash.
    This is an article in one chapter of "Strategy and Force Planning" a text for military study which I'm translating into Thai. My questions are the followings:
    1) Could the word "article" mean other things apart from the whole story of this chapter, like an example of items in this case?
    2) For the expression "increasingly in the future" I'm not sure whether it refers to the meaning of its own sentence or the preceding one.
    Thank you in advance


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    Re: increasingly

    Grammer enhanced my english knowledge

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    Re: increasingly

    increasing in the future, an opt term of knowldge for learners

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    Re: increasingly

    The article shows the securityfeature in USA

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