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    Motivation letter

    There is no doubt that Japan is a unique country. It has a long tradition of island nation which developed itself without big influence of rest of the world (strong impact had only China, which is no less interesting than Japan). It is also one of the strongest economies in the contemporary world and we can count on the fact that his position on the international political chess board will accentuate in the future.
    Since my childhood I was fascinated by East Asian culture. I know a history of the island, as well as a history of the shogunate. I'm interested in world religions and I would like to take a closer acquaintance with Shintoism, which is not well known in Europe. I am mesmerized by Japanese cinema; by both feature films and cartoons, called anime, which can be described as a world phenomenon. I move into a community of people who admire contemporary Japanese fashion. I want to understand why those people are so fascinated by it, how this fashion is peculiar, and if it swallows whole Japanese or only little special group.
    I would like to obtain at least the basics of the Japanese language, and last but not least, I would like to understand the mentality of this nation. I want to see how the samurai era reflected in the psychology of the current Japanese population, and whether from them we can expect same fanaticism that showed Japanese soldiers for the World War II.
    For these reasons I want to take subjects Business and Culture, Japanese Supplementary, Language and Society, Comparing Cultures, Color Perception - History and Society East and West, and the Japanese film and Miyazaki Hayao's World of Anime I. It is certainly a rich curriculum, it will be difficult to handle, but I look forward to similar opportunities.
    Knowledge acquired in this program can help me in future practice, whether in my publications, or my expertise in security studies.
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