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    Post Speech

    Hi! I am in 7th grade and I'm running for Student Council Vice President.. I have most of my speech done but it has to be three minutes and mine is only 2. I need more ideas, and I need help changing sentences so they dont always start with I or I'm or I'll.
    Here is part of the speech:

    ..I will try making passing periods five minutes instead of four and Iíll add more things to do at after hours. Iíll try organizing more raffle events too. I am good at both taking control coming up with good ideas, and listening to everyone elseís ideas. I go above and beyond in whatever task is given to me. I am very responsible and I respect other peopleís opinions. Iíll always be able to step in and help when Iím needed. Iím really creative so Iíll be able to come up with good ideas. If Iím elected vice president I hope to bring a lot of new clubs and activities to the school. I will also try getting more events to raise money for school dances so we can go from all those old, ripped decorations, to new, better looking ones...

    Please help me out!

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    Re: Speech

    Hi, iloverlg, and welcome to the board.

    The part of your speech that you posted sounds very good to me and there's not much I can suggest to improve it. There's bound to be a lot of Is in a speech like this, so don't worry about that.

    Speak slowly and clearly, leaving a slight pause after every point to let it sink in. Look at your audience more than at your notes, and engage individuals in eye contact to get them on your side.

    Three minutes seems to be a very long time to have to fill for a speech like this. Are you sure you're not limited to a maximum of three minutes? I wouldn't worry about this, either. It's not the length of a speech that matters but the content. Say what you have to say confidently and without mumbling and then sit down.

    Good luck.


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