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    help urgently needed

    Hi there. I am trying to complete some pre interview questions for my CELTA interview and i was wondering if someone can help me. I've put some suggested answers but i'm not sure they are correct???????!!! Im getting extremely stressed with it all as this is my pathway to living my dream and convincing my ex that i will be happy to teach english! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thanks with sugar on top. English Rose x

    My First task is to indicate the terms used to describe the following grammatical items. e.g. noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, article etc:
    1. I had a fantastic time at the party last night.
    Pronoun adjective verb

    2. He never knows what he's going to be doing from one minute to the next.
    personal pronoun verb preposition

    3. The house which was put up for sale recently was quickly sold.
    preposition adverb adverb

    My next task is to correct and explain why the following errors are wrong:

    1. I need some informations = the word information is an uncountable noun
    2. Do you can help me, please?=do you implies its an obligation
    3 He cleans the room at the moment='the room' needs to change to a pronoun as its a possesion
    4.I've been there two years ago=it should be-i went there two years ago(past simple) as it is a finished action
    5. Shall we go to the cinema tonight?
    Sorry, i'll go to see Mary tonight = it should be present continuous 'i am going to see Mary tonight'

    6. Look at the poor bird on the road it must have been died by a car= killed by a car.
    7. Your reactions are more slower when you drink alcohol= much slower. It is a negative sentance so much should be used instead of more.

    8 Can i lend your pen please= Borrow. As borrow is the opposite of lend
    9 If you're late he might be slightly furious=furios is a really strong verb ...? ?

    My last problem task is to look at the conversation below and say what each speaker (a and b) is using the language to do. I.e inviting, accepting etc

    a. Hi susan it's Jane. = Introducing
    b Hello Jane. = reciprocating
    a. I've got rather a problem. I can't find a babysitter for tonight =?
    b.Why don't you try Elaine? =?
    a. No that's no good. She's away this week. =?
    b. well what about Jonathan? =?
    a. Yes, thats a good idea. I'll give him a ring. =accepting
    b. I'll call round to see him if you like. =?
    a. Ok That'd be great. Thanks alot. =accepting
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