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    Moved, touched and inspired

    1-Moved, touched and inspired.
    2-I' moved... struck with admiration!
    What do these sentences mean? I hear it when someone is so happy. And do they have the same meaning?
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    Re: Moved, touched and inspired

    When a person is moved by another, his or her emotions change. When someone says, "I was moved by the actor's performance," they are talking about how their emotions shifted to one of compassion, love, fear or something other than how they felt before the performance.

    "I was touched" means basically the same thing. It is metaphorical in a sense. "The actor's performance touched my soul and caused me to cry." Literally, the performance has no fingers and cannot reach out and touch your soul. But it is poetic.

    To be inspired is to have a change of emotion that causes you to act. If you hear a really great song, and it makes you want to go out and run, that song inspired you to run.


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