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    replace 'fix' instead of 'fixing.

    Can I replace 'fix' instead of 'fixing' and 'maintain' instead of 'maintaing' in the sentence below? if not, why?when can i use 'ing'? I thought, you can only use 'ing' in continue situation. I am confused using them.

    JOB REQUIREMENTS: Fixing any problems that may occur with our computers and Maintaining the companies website.

    thank in advace.

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    Re: replace 'fix' instead of 'fixing.

    Hi! First, I don't think you would replace fix instead of fixing but you would replace fixing with fix or use fix instead of fixing.
    Now, I 'd replace fixing with to fix in this case. In any case, I am not entirely sure as to whether the sentences as it is, is grammatical or not...

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